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A Day Trip to the Big City

New Haven, CT to New York City, NY and return

  1. Metro-North Train 1549, New Haven Union Station to New York City Grand Central Terminal, Off-Peak fare--February 12, 1999

  2. Metro-North Train 1580, New York City Grand Central Terminal to New Haven Union Station, Off-Peak fare--February 12, 1999

This is a short one--well, it's a short trip, after all. And I forgot the camera, doggone it...

We took this trip to visit an old friend, an NYC native, who has lived for many years in Seattle, WA. He was visiting in New York (on business, actually), and with a school holiday for Brendan and this kind of opportunity, we decided to take the day and go.

Union Station, New Haven, CT to Grand Central Terminal, New York City, NY

We took the 9:30 am train, and ended up in the second car, M-4 #8502 (paired with #8503). We managed to find a vacant pair of facing seats despite a last-minute dash to the train, which is very handy for a travelling family. The only disadvantage is that those seats are located next to doors, which reduces the amount of window area for kids to look out of.

The trip was unremarkable, though I did notice what appeared to be new catenary bridges west of New Haven -- I hadn't known that was part of the Northeast Corridor improvement project. We spent most of the time supervising children and reading to them or to ourselves. Both kids found the passage through the Park Avenue tunnel fascinating.

We arrived about two minutes late into Grand Central on the upper level. We had no trouble finding Greg by the information kiosk in the main hall. For the first time I can remember, I saw no signs of construction in the station!

Grand Central Terminal, New York City, NY to Union Station, New Haven, CT

We caught the 8:07 pm train back to New Haven. The platform was crowded, and we walked a fair way down until we felt it was open enough that we could find another seat pair. The track was empty when we walked out at 7:45, and the train didn't arrive for about ten minutes. When it did, we waited for the stop, and then plunged on with the rest of the crowd. Mercifully, we were able to quickly get a facing pair, and get ourselves and the children settled.

The train wasn't clean -- there were newspapers left on some seats, and Evelyn kicked over a cup that had been left beneath the seats which still had liquid in it -- but it wasn't disgusting, either. Clearly it had not been out from its last run long enough to pick up, at least not in M-4 #8541.

Brendan stayed awake the whole trip home, but Rebekah fell asleep not long after hearing her bedtime story read to her. The trip was long enough to finish Brendan's current bedtime book.

I've become rather used to the lengthy stop times in New Haven, so we didn't hustle to get ready to leave the train. We should have. As we stopped, the conductor announced that the train was leaving for the yard quickly and we should all move get off as quickly as possible! I grabbed a couple of things and scooped up Rebekah and hopped off; Evelyn did the same with our remaining stuff and our son. A few moments later, the doors closed and the train slid off toward the coach yard. It left me rather breathless, and resolved to be prepared next time!
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