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Travels by Train

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I've become something of a rail enthusiast. It actually began with a visit to the National Toy Train Museum and the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum in Strasburg, PA, in 1996. I got very excited about model railroading, and began making plans--which so far, I must admit, have moved no farther than concept, research, and the purchase of some HO locomotives so I can play every once in a while. 8-{)

The research, however, got me interested in trains at "twelve inches to the foot" scale. In addition, Rebekah's illness required a lot of travelling to Boston and back, most of which we drove. Then one day, toward the end of her treatment, we needed to switch from one parent to the other at the Harvard Cyclotron (where she had her radiation therapy). Rather than have both of us drive, we decided that I would take the train home. And I did.

I suddenly discovered that, though the travel time was slightly longer, it was relaxing, not stressful. I got myself a seat, opened up a book (purchased, in fact, at a South Station kiosk), and relaxed. I arrived home less, not more, tense than when I started.

Recent explorations of the Internet have also revealed to me the practice of train travelogues. So for those admittedly few who find this interesting, here are some of my stories. For those others, well, there are other things to read on the Internet.

Available Trip Reports

Please note: I have fallen behind on writing, and am slowly making up ground. In particular, I have an increasingly late report on a visit to Baltimore from April. There have also been several hospital-related trips on NortheastDirect, some of which may not make it to a travelogue--I'm running out of things to describe on the Shoreline Route--but I do plan to tell the story of a day trip to Providence. Please stand by!

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If you like these, check out Steve Grande's travelogues on Trainweb LogoTrainWeb!

Craig O'Connell's Friends of Amtrak site also has trip reports section well worth looking at.

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